Lay Conference Summary

The Nottingham Stroke Research Partnership Group (atastroke) held a Stroke Lay Conference on 18th July 2016. This was attended by over 90 delegates most of which were stroke survivors, carers and families affected by stroke.

The purpose of the Stroke Lay Conference was to give stroke survivors and carers a chance to:

· Find out about stroke research projects at the University of Nottingham

· Ask questions
· Hear stroke survivors talk about their experience
· Meet stroke researchers
· Network with others affected by stroke
· Get involved in local research
· Hear about the partnership group

Speakers included Dr Niki Sprigg who provided an overview of stroke research. Stroke survivors, Christine Knott and Fred Higton, outlined their personal experiences of taking part in stroke research. Research studies presentations were given by Jason Appleton exploring medicated skin patch treatment to lower blood pressure in stroke patients and Louise Hawkins presenting her research into fatigue after stroke.

Meet the researcher sessions covered topics on Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) and minor stroke management, impact of stroke on families, emergency treatments to help recovery after stroke: drugs and devices, and stroke rehabilitation in hospital. Expositions included electrical stimulation for arm weakness, improving sight after stroke, Stroke Association services, stroke care pathway, brain in hand, driving skills after stroke, Different Strokes, Bassetlaw stroke information service, and the Ossie Newell Foundation

Presentations are available on the website: