Corporate Strategy

  • The Group will project a clear image which will strongly represent an independent partnership organisation of Stroke Researchers from the University of Nottingham and Stroke Survivors and their Primary Carers from all geographic areas, who possess a genuine interest and commitment to the development of excellence in stroke research.  
  • The Group will review proposals for Stroke Research Projects and serve on Trial Steering Groups, or participate in the Trials themselves.  
  • The Group will not engage in the development or communication of matters which relate to the creation of support groups for stroke. 
  • The primary purpose is the promotion and development of stroke research and no other.  This must be centred around assisting in the development of all aspects of research which will provide robust evidence for the best possible care for people who will suffer strokes in the future.  In this regard there will be a strong emphasis on the need to provide research evidence which will fill gaps in the current stroke service provision.  This will be done by ensuring that patients' well-being and interests are firmly at the centre of our thinking and actions.  
  • The members of the group will carry out their work on a voluntary basis.  Ultimately we wish to be able to become self sufficient in finance.