Fred Higton

Fred Higton

Professional background: Chemist


BSc PhD MRSC (Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry) C. Chem (Chartered Chemist) C. Sci (Chartered Scientist)

Type of stroke and its effects:

Brain haemorrhage. Right sided paralysis.

Why are you involved with @astroke?

To give something back for the care I have received.

What difference do you hope to make?

To contribute in a small way to major advances in stroke treatment

Fred Higton studied Chemistry at the University of London where he gained a B Sc and Ph D. He subsequently worked in the Pharmaceutical
Industry developing medicines and consumer products for over thirty years, mostly with the Boots Company. He has also run his own Pharmaceutical consultancy.
In addition to his scientific pursuits Fred has been a professional cartoonist and caricaturist for many years under the pen name 'frid'. Fred suffered a brain haemorrhage in 2011 and the resulting stroke left him paralysed down the right hand side. With extensive physiotherapy and lots of determination, some of the functionality has been restored but he has had to change to drawing with the left hand.

With a keen interest in research, in addition to @astroke, Fred works with the CLAHRC East Midlands, the Institute of Mental Health, The
Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit and individual researchers. He volunteers with the Stroke Association, helping with data entry and service user contacts, and gives presentations and helps to run events on behalf of the Association. Fred is a patient representative on the East Midlands Clinical Senate.

Fred says "living with the after-effects of a stroke can be a pain, but it is much better than the alternative".