Membership and Structure

The Structure of the Organisation comprises the following sections

The Core Stroke Research Group

Trial Steering Group members
Research Trial & Project Group members
Virtual, Communicating and Associate members
Education & Training


The Core Stroke Research Group Membership
Christine Knott (Lay Chair)
Fred Higton (Deputy Lay Chair)
Sheila Birchall
Frances Cameron
Trevor Gard
Richard Gee
Ewen Hamilton
Julia Holmes
Philip Johnson

David Noblet

Anita Pashley

Academic Members
Professor Niki Sprigg
Dr Rebecca Fisher

Virtual Members
Debbie Butler

Zoe Bremer
Laura Condon
Martin Coult
Tom Crosbie
Kate Cusick
John Cusick
Rosemarie De Cozar
Gus De Cozar
James Harper
Sylvia Hurt
Carol McGriskin
Peter McGriskin
Sue Page
R Samra
Lorraine Signorini
Andy Shaw
Amy Sludds

Corresponding Member
Julie Cave

Academic Lead
Lay Chair
Administration Coordinator