The Lay Conference was generously supported by the following organisations:

British Nordic Walking 

British Nordic Walking trains people to be Nordic Walking instructors and supports them in setting up Nordic Walking groups in the community. Groups can be set up for the general population of specific patient groups. Instructors can be medical staff, fitness instructors or volunteers. Training covers how to teach Nordic Walking, to help people with coordination problems, to improve retention and to motivate participants. The course also covers health and safety, risk assessments and how to make a project successful. Nordic Walking is suitable for any level of fitness; if someone can walk they can be taught to Nordic Walk.

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Speakability (Action for Dysphasic Adults)

Speakability is the national charity that supports and empowers people with Aphasia to overcome the barriers they face by: supporting people with Aphasia and their carers through its Information Service, national network of Self-Help Groups and programme of activities, influencing individuals, organisations and statutory bodies in order to improve services for people living with Aphasia and raising funds to support these aims. The charity was established in 1979 by Diana Law, who herself experienced Aphasia following a stroke. With support from Janet Wells it was formally registered with the Charities Commission as 'Action for Dysphasic Adults' in 1980.

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The Stroke Association. 

We believe in life after stroke. That's why we campaign to improve stroke care and support people to make the best possible recovery. It's why we fund research to develop new treatments and ways to prevent stroke. 

The Stroke Association is a charity. We rely on your support to change lives and prevent stroke. We want a world where there are fewer strokes and all those touched by stroke get the help they need.

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Talarmade Neurotec

Talarmade Neurotec has been designed by professionals to assist in the effective treatment of  contractures and postural deformities, in patients with conditions such as CP, CVA, MS and traumatic brain injury. The NEUROTEC range provides comfortable well-padded orthoses which provide a low load progressive stretch to the affected area gradually improving range of motion. 

These devices allow a limited amount of flexion so can adapt with the patient during high tone episodes returning to their original position once the episode has passed. The range offers significant advantages in terms of comfort to patients, postural improvements, improvement to respiration, circulation and pressure reduction contributing to improved physical and emotional wellbeing. 

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The University of Nottingham Impact Campaign

The University of Nottingham Impact Campaign aims to raise £150 million over a five year period to support a series of local, national and global high-impact projects. Stroke Rehabilitation research will benefit from a series of fundraising initiatives throughout the current year, with Life Cycle 3 as the main event, with a target of income set at 300,000. This year the cycle, which commences on 19th August (ending 1st September, with a celebration 'open day' at University Park), will take place over 1,100 miles, crossing major cities and  capitals of the UK and Republic of Ireland.

We would welcome your support: