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DSC 0304Some time ago, Olympic Cyclist and medal winner Bryan Steel was delivering a motivational speech, attended by Ossie Newell.

The speech was a personal account of how Nottingham-born Steel discovered a passion for cycling, and how a revolutionary change management process turned a team not recognised for excellence into a team of world beaters, by focusing on the minutae of every element of training.

Ossie immediately saw a parallel between the struggles of an athlete attempting to be "the very best" and the recovering stroke survivor, fighting to pick up the pieces of a catastrophic event.

The two men hit it off and have since developed not only a personal friendship, but a working relationship trying to apply the techniques Bryan learned to patients struggling to recover.

In Bryan's speech to the conference, he explained the experience of the Olympic athlete, who far from being isolated in his/her plan to excel, is surrounded by an extensive infrastructure of support all focused on getting the best performance possible.

Bryan showed the "Coaching Team Wheel," illustrating the depth of support experienced by Olympic athletes.

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Without such support, Bryan continued, it is unthinkable that any athlete can reach the top, for the whole process requires a full spectrum of support - medical, training, emotional, etc.

Translating this "wheel" into the circumstances of a stroke survivor similarly illustrates the team needed to get behind the recovering patient. With this approach to rehabilitation, it is possible to transform lives.

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 For more information about Bryan please visit his website by clicking here.