Introduction to Impact

Ossie Newell MBE, Nottingham Stroke Research Consumer Group

Ossie Newell introduced purpose and aims of the conference. Apart from the agenda of the day, Ossie wanted to make it clear that he wanted to recruit new volunteers to support the organisation.
"How much do you know about strokes?" he asked, and revealed some fairly depressing statistics ...

  • It is the third largest cause of death
  • Someone has a stroke in the UK every 5 minutes
  • More than 3 times as many women die from a stroke as from breast cancer
  • 130,000 new strokes occur every year in the England and Wales
  • 25% of people suffering strokes are under 65
  • A third of stroke patients suffer from dysphasia
  • 50% of stroke patients on admission to hospital have lost their ability to swallow
  • 10% of deaths from stroke in the UK are attributable to smoking
  • After one year only 66% of stroke patients can walk
  • At one year after stroke 12% of patients will be in a residential or nursing home
  • After one year only 5-9% of stroke survivors will be totally independent for all aspects of daily living
  • Each year stroke care costs the NHS £7 billion

The Nottingham University "Impact" campaign will raise £150 million in philanthropic support across five strategic themes over the next five years.

One of the strategic themes is Stroke Rehabilitation. Stroke is common, devastating and life changing. Although most people survive, these survivors struggle with mobility and speech, depression, cognitive problems and everyday activities. They frequently say their biggest challenge is adjusting to life after stroke and reintegration into society.

Stroke rehabilitation is about helping survivors get back to a normal life by restoring independence and personal dignity.